Shugarboy is an up and coming Artist Producer specializing in new electronic music and Fashion. He will be the artist in resident at the Pattern Palace in East Van for the month of Feb, March, April and May 2017.

Slipstreaming numerous genres such as electro, house, hip-hop, rock, progressive house, EDM, etc.. into each track, Shugarboy continues to push the boundaries of traditional electronic and pop music. Born in small town Alberta, Shugarboy’s eccentric style and personality rarely fit regional mould. A classically trained violinist, music and art were passions instilled within him from birth. Over the past eight years he has continued to work obsessively on his craft and has collaborated with industry leaders and new up and coming artists. Baby C, Sarah K, Elise Estrada, Adam H, Jordan Carriere, The Zombie Movement(TZM), Supa Dan(SD), Danaka, Jackie Sonegra etc... Shugarboy is currently working with visionary film director, Rudy Lenz and recently released a music video with Ali Visanji.

In 2013, Shugarboy began developing the fashion line Shugarboy Brand (SHBB). Like his music, the line slipstreams numerous styles into a unique, design emblematic of the artist, pop culture, art, anime and producer’s eccentric and unique personality. It's made up of original art on all mediums of clothing and hats. As well as unique screen prints and up cycled high end clothes . With a heavy influence from Japan there is a lot of harajuku notes and bright colours. Also upcycled figurines from Japan that he turns into jewelry and accessories. This is truly something different and uniquely expressive! He wants to share his vision of creativity with the world!

Working in Vancouver I would love to establish a strong network . Over the next four months I want to build a solid foundation and establish myself here so I can plant roots. I'm thrilled to meet and work with all creative and gifted people that are here! I want to share my music and Shugarboy brand with all of you and grow into the diverse market of Vancouver.

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