Welcome To The pattern nation

a visual art, fashion, music, dance and culture movement for colourful humans 

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PatternNation Murals, Blobs, Exhibitions and Films are a major part of our platform. We work with up-cycled textiles to create our interactive Blob play sculptures, paint spaces with unique patterns, creatively direct/ collaborate on film that incorporates our art and throw events to bring our playful interactive art to local communities of all ages.PatternNation has shown our art internationally in galleries, clubs, festivals and more.  PatternNation also offers workshops, mural painting and courses for youth.

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PatternNation creates one of a kind looks by up-cycling vintage ourselves and working with Durban based seamstresses to create small batch collections. We design ungendered clothing and jewelry that are bold statement pieces for the colourful and creative humans of the world. Previously PatternNation editorials have been published in 10+ international magazines and blogs. We collaborate with models, dancers, musicians, photographers and other designers to create one of a kind photoshoots and fashion films.

Check out our past photoshoots and collections. 


Art classes & Events

PatternNation offers art classes for youth and Community mural projects. In the past we worked with Artstarts (Vancouver), Pegasus Youth Theatre (Oxford), Vidyadaan School (Bangalore), Tomfoolery (Durban), and Delicious Monster (Port St.Johns) to engage with youth and youth spaces. This year in Vancouver Canada we will be offering a summer camp with Mascall Dance in August and a 3 week intensive with Artstarts in October. Contact us if you want PatternNation to come to your community.

We also curate events, art shows, parties, galaโ€™s and more. PatternNation has curated the F-O-R-M Festival after party, shown art at KZNSA Gallery (Durban), Museum of Vancouver, Assemblage Gallery (Johannesburg), James Black Gallery (Vancouver), Art Represent (London), Audain Gallery (Vancouver) and more. We have done art installations and/or visuals for parties such as Chocolate Jungle (Montreal), RAW Artists (Los Angeles), Vancity Street, and Coolaid (Vancouver). If you would like PatternNation to show in your space, or curate your event please contact us.


Pattern nation is not only a clothing brand it's a way of seeing the world through colour & pattern

Collaboration & inclusivity