Produced by: SoundzTabuu Video Shot by : Cyd Eva and Cebo Nxumalo Edited by: Cebo Nxumalo Dressed by: Pattern Nation


SPLAT! A PatternNation collaborative dance/fashion film with Costa Besta (Durban South Africa) and Pax (Montreal Canada), SPLAT! was conceptualized and shot within 48 hours and brought to life at the Pattern Palace Vancouver. We played with Avante Garde costume pieces, paint splatter, pillow fluff, a broken down fridge and more to create this surrealist, bizarre combination of looks. The two worlds of dancer Pax and rapper/performer Costa Besta collided in this photography and dance film collaboration.

Track: Coast by MISSU & CostaBesta

Photographer: Cydney Eva Pattern aka Cydeva

Editor: Costa Besta/ Cydeva

Costumes/ Clothing/ Stylist: PatternNation, Cydeva @pattern.nation

Models: Pax @pax_art , Costa Besta @costabesta

Location of shoot: Pattern Palace Vancouver Canada

Bafo ndugu

A PatternNation Collaborative Film with Ambasa Mandela and MA/RA MA/SO Man Raise Man Society

In 2018 PatternNation team Cyd Eva and Costa Besta (based in Durban South Africa and Vancouver Canada) had the opportunity to go to Victoria Falls Zimbabwe and work with the talented Musician and Social Activist Prince Amabasa Nelson Mandela (Based in Nairobi/ Mombasa Kenya and Dar El Salaam Tanzania). This is how the project Bafo Ndugu: Brother Brother was born. After recording a freestyle jam session with singer song writer Ambasa Mandela and rapper, beatboxer Costa Besta we set out to shoot in the outstanding nature at Vic Falls wearing PatternNation’s limited run of Durban Dots button up shirts. We shot at the falls, the big tree, on the Zambezi river and at Flat Dog lodge, all the while sharing perspectives on the world, life, love, creativity and how to uplift our fellow man across race, class and cultural barriers. MA/RA MA/SO man raise man society is a movement founded by Mandela to bring humans together through the powers of music, creativity and social change to end violence and advocate for peace. The MA/RA MA/SO symbol is crossed fingers representing how we must come together through conflict and difference and raise each other up. Bafo means Brother in Zulu Costa’s native tongue and Ndugu means brother in Mandela’s language of Swahili. We chose this title as it shows that from across nations and cultures in Africa we can find brotherhood, connections and like minded souls. This is a project meant to spread the messages of love, connection and empowerment. Just listen to Mandela’s lyrics “you already are something, why you want to look for something?...Got to be yourself, got to love yourself…” Watch and you will feel the movement and the uplifting, feminist, self-loving brotherhood that is Bafo Ndugu.

Team Credits: Vocals, Guitar, Lyrics and Model: Prince Ambasa Nelson Mandela @ambasa_mandela Beatboxing and Model: Costa Besta @costabesta Shirts: PatternNation @pattern.nation Videography, Editing and Photography: Cyd Eva Pattern @cydeva Executive Producer/Project Assistant: Lindy Sisson @lindydance Transportation and Local Hospitality: BaAshy Misheck M&M travel


A PatternNation Collaborative film

Commissioned by F-O-R-M Festival Vancouver

Premiered September 15th 2018 at SFU Woodwards Vancouver

Screened at Third Coast Dance Festival Rino Nevada US, Dividing Lines Symposium Kennesaw Georgia YS,

6 on Nebraska Cape Town South Africa and the Reach gallery Abbotsford BC Canada and more


Triangulate Promo Insta 4.jpg
INsta promo city.jpg
Insta Promo Mural.jpg

PatternNation welcomes you on the journey that is TRIANGULATE. Filmed within three cities: Durban South Africa, Vancouver and Nanaimo Canada this film brought together 21 diverse artists between the two countries. The journey begins with the introverted self, the part of us that experiences solitude, intimacy and self-reflection. In the first scene vocalist Nipho Hurd brings us into nature with her track while dancers Lorin SoKool, Marisa Gold and Jason Bempong express and explore with PatternNation’s interactive soft blob sculptures. Our creative compass takes us next to the extroverted self, the part of us that experiences social stimulation, attention and excitement. The extroverted self is expressed by Lex Lafoy’s track Sibaningi’la (Zulu) There are many of us (English). We celebrate community connection with the full Durban cast and Vancouver dance company Immigrant Lessons. This voyage ends in exploring the creative self, the part of us that experiences innovation, exploration and originality. Set amidst PatternNation Murals CostaBesta’s experimental track is danced by TJ Jali and choreographer Lorin SoKool in Durban, Marisa Gold and Jason Bempong (Immigrant Lessons) in Nanaiamo and performed by CostaBesta in both cities. The introverted self, the extroverted self and the creative self complete the triangle that is TRIANGULATE. Thank you for joining us on this colourful trip as we explore connecting the Mind, Body and Soul through dance, visual art, self-expression and cross-cultural exchange.

Durban South Africa

Videographers: Cebo Nxumalo @cebo_nxumalo Nhlanhla Gcabashe

Musicians/Emcees/ Performers: CostaBesta @costabesta Lex Lafoy @lex_lafoy Nipho Hurd @nipho_hurd 

Beatmaker/ Music Producer: Sean Ross @missu2missu 

Sound Engineer: Dave Audinary @dave_audinary_sa 

Choreographer/ Dancer (Durban): Lorin Sokool @koolsokool Dancer: TJ Jali  @zamokuhlet.j

Production Assistant: Lindy Sisson @lindydance

Vancouver Canada

Director/ Producer/ Costumes/ Art/ Dancer/ Editor: Cydney Eva Pattern @cydeva of PatternNation @pattern.nation

Videographers: Kimberley González @kimzalez876 Hân Phạm @hanpham7999 Jason Bempong @brotha_jason

Editor: Kimberley González @kimzalez876

Dancers/ Choreography (Vancouver): Immigrant Lessons @immigrantlessons : Kevin Fraser @kevinfraser Alyssa Amarshi @alyssamarshi Jason Bempong @brothajason Josh Ongocol @josheeong Sophia Gamboa @sophiaa.gamoa Marisa Gold @marathegold Sharon Lee @sharon_lee8 

Production Assistant: Lindy Sisson @lindydance 

Patterns Of Self

Photos Published in FashionX Magazine

Film Featured on Maze Magazine and Shown at 6 on Nebraska in Cape town

Patterns of Self is a Vancouver Canada based editorial shoot illuminating both the sides of oneself; dark and light, black and white, masculine and feminine. The dichotomy of black and white was used in Patterns of Self through Pattern Nation's hand painted canvas garments and non binary model Helen Marley’s expressive portrayal of both the fem and masc sides of their being. This editorial looks at knowledge of self, love of self and understanding of self, these ideas are directly referenced in the image of Helen’s kiss with themselve. Creative direction Dosh Osholowu of Toronto member of Jungle3ribe brings his unique black and white esthetic into the mix and photographer Vaspaan Shroff from Mumbai specializes in surrealism, post production and animation. Makeup artist and Model team Lennox Campbell and Helen Marley often collaborate as they both play with concepts around gender and identity politics in their work, their ideas around perception of self directly informed Patterns of Self. All of these elements are brought together byPatternNation’s mural, painted canvas garments and black and white jewelry to create a truly surrealist effect.

Painted Clothing, Mural and Jewelry: PatternNation @pattern.nation @cydeva

Creative Direction: Dosh Osholowu @adewolfy @jungle3ribe

Photographer: Vaspaan Shroff @vaspaan95

Model: Helen Marley @helen.proskow

Makeup artist: Lennox Campbell @ac.artistry